Introducing: The Reactive Pavement System

Pyro-E is developing an intelligent infrastructure solution that will 1) enable Smart Cities, 2) improve urban mobility, and 3) utilize a greater portion of renewable energy resources. Our goal is to create a solution to alleviate pollution and traffic delays at 1% of the cost of roadway expansion.


Features & Benefits

Kevin S. Lu

Perpetual Motion

Harvest energy from pavement vibrations for device power.

Detect vehicle type, force, and speed for analysis.

Control & Compliance

Engage surface countermeasure against speeding.

Adhere to Intelligent Transportation Standards communication protocol.

Kevin S. Lu
Kevin S. Lu

Interconnectivity & Safety

Obtain real-time, lane-specific traffic information.

Improve safety through advance congestion warning.

Our Team

Kevin S. Lu

Kevin S. Lu, Phd.


A mechanical engineer by training, Kevin found passion through his early career in the energy and thermal sciences where he contributed new scientific knowledge to the prestigious Nature magazine. Advancing out of the lab, these breakthroughs transformed into practical solutions in self-powered sensors, renewable energy, and thermal management. In particular, he designed the World's largest close-loop thermoelectric system for avionics cooling in aircraft. Later, he co-founded Pyro-E to further inspire ideas through a confluence of bio-inspired concepts and functional materials. Presently, he executes on company milestones in technology and business and manages key relationships with investors, channel partners and potential customers.

Milton J. Venetos

Milt Venetos

VP Business Development

Milt has 20 years of energy industry experience. Serving recently as senior vice president, product management at AREVA Solar, he led the development of AREVA Solar’s product road maps, built Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) models of AREVA and competitor solar energy systems, and explored new technologies to reduce LCOE. While at AREVA he built and ran the performance model used to quote linear Fresnel solar thermal power plants in the USA, Australia, India, South Africa, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Milt has been instrumental in bringing four noteworthy and commercially successful products and companies to life and market: GateCycle/Enter Software, Blue Pumpkin/Onward, Greenlight HPS/Laserscope and Linear Fresnel Solar/Ausra.

Milton J. Venetos

Chad Monroe

VP Product Development

Chad leads product development and management activities. Chad has a technical background in system engineering and a strong passion for entrepreneurship. With great past experiences in customer management, he is charge for developing relationships with key partners, potential customers and stakeholders. Chad also leads the path-to-market development, which includes collecting customer feedback, crafting financial models and creating product pricing strategies. Chad obtained a MS degree in Business Administration from University of Connecticut.

Phani Meduri

Brad Kowalk

VP Operation

Brad leads market research and business development efforts. With prior experience in management consulting at BCG, product management at a small consumer startup (TheTake), and internal strategy at Cisco Systems, Brad is adept at creating and executing tangible go to market opportunities. Brad is in charge of developing vital sales channel partnerships and representing the voice of the customer. Brad also has significant experience with quantitative analyses, and is responsible for monitoring and optimizing the financial levers of the firm, including pricing and cash flow management decisions. Brad graduates from Harvard Business School in May 2017.

Advisory Board

Seth R. Sanders, Phd.

CTO, Amber Kinetics, Inc.; Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley

Bruce Osborn

CEO, Beyond, Inc.; Former CEO, Stirling Energy Systems, Inc.

Funding Support

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